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We have an idea on how to simplify the operation for the e-mail attachment compression ( encryption ) .
( Do you is not difficult to manage the password ? )

Main Function
1 . Automatic compression
2 . Automatic encryption
3 . Automatically sends the password that was used in the encryption (after send encrpted attachment)
4 . Automatic uncompression
5 . Automatic decryption ( password management )

this software can be encryption of e-mail attachments and decrypted ( decompression ) . So,we can clear the security standards of the leading companies .

Sub Function
1 . Prevention of sending mistake
2 . Send large attachments
3 . Reservations to sending mail
4 . Prevention of forgotten attachments

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License 1 year of purchase ( automatic update )
( License code will be sent to PayPal registered e-mail address )
Tested : Outlook2010/Outlook2013/Outlook2016
You can try the Pro version for 30 days . Then it will be free version .
The free version will be shorter password length , also it will add one line of promotion .

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