Information security policy
MicroGear Corp. ( hereinafter referred to as the "Company" ) has established the " information security policy " for information leakage .

1 . Construction of information security management system
Protect all the information assets held by the Company , will comply laws and regulations , and other regulations regarding information security .

2 . Established of the " information security manager ."
We have established the " information security manager " in order to protect the information . They also will be conducted quickly activities for information protection .

3 . Implementation of information security measures the system
We will continue to upgrade the monitoring / protection system for protecting the information assets from risk ( "intrusion / leakage / alteration / loss / destruction , etc.) .

4. Improvement of information security literacy
To all employees and temporary employees and thorough security education to be able to perform their jobs .

5. Information security policy target
To target an "information assets " , the information obtained in the course available and in the Company's business activities , as well as the Company and all of the information held on the business , our employees , and the like, and deal with the Company's information assets " subcontractors and their you and that employees " to comply .

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